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19th October 2007

2:30pm: UK parcel
So I received a notice from the postman yesterday, letting me know I had a package from W.R. Bell. I had not ordered anything, I wasn't expecting anything. So I went to the post office to pick it up. It had royal mail postage on it. It was sent from Glasgow. I turned it over and read the sender's information. W.R. Bell. "Who the hell is this?" I thought to myself. Suddenly my phone rings and it is the man I was going to clean for room and board while homeless in Scotland. He wanted to know if I got his package yet. What strange timing. I walk home and I open the parcel wrapped in brown packaging paper (which I love)

Inside the package were things I miss from my time in Scotland.

Mars Bars
Aero bars
Aero bubbles
Hob Nobs
Ovaltine singles

and of course....


What a random experience. But it really made me smile.

16th October 2007

8:51pm: ladybug
today, a ladybug was on the MUNI train. I noticed it at Montgomery, and I no longer saw it once I got to Church. Where it went, I have no idea. Since when do insects need public transportation?
Current Mood: annoyed
2:42pm: It's Music...Now Dance!
Clatter, crash, clack
Racket, bang, thump
Rattle, clang, crack, thud, whack, BAM! SO SICK...of this fucking construction outside my window for the past 3 years. Im seriously starting to pull a Selma...
Current Mood: irate

15th October 2007

10:27am: Fall
So it's October again. And Im a year older than I was last October. I love crispy weather that require you to wear multiple layers. Fall also means it is time for a lot of Vespertine. It's just the way it goes. It also was, once upon a time, a season where I would listen to a particular jungle/drum n bass tape in my car over and over as I acquired it around sept/oct of 2001. I found that tape the other day, and I listed to both sides A and B yesterday afternoon. It's almost like it should be.
Current Mood: groggy

11th October 2007

7:42pm: mambo
I massaged a man today who smelled like Matt. The junglist partykid from Minneapolis I knew once upon a time during periods of deep depression. He smelled of cigarettes and Liz Claiborne's Mambo cologne.
Current Mood: mellow

8th October 2007

11:00pm: killing time
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Current Mood: amused

12th September 2007

11:03pm: cindy
so my good friend cindy is leaving

she is moving to new york.

i dont like this. at all.
Current Mood: sad
3:16pm: fall
this particular month
this particular couple weeks

of fall...

are really hard for me

and no one notices enough to care, or understand.

or wants to shake me and tell me why it shouldnt.
Current Mood: discontent

9th September 2007

11:45pm: through no fault of my own
a man is making flirtatious eye contact for an hour with Ryan from across the bar...

Ryan - She's really cute.

Krissy - I dont get your type. I can't figure it out.

Ryan - It's really easy. Here, ask Ronn.

*ryan locks eyes with the man across the bar, staring at him*

Krissy - Ronn, what is Ryan's type?

*Ronn smiles*

Ronn - they have to live out of the country and have an accent.

Ryan - that is not true.

45 minutes later, Ryan motions to the man making eye contact to come over and chat.

guess ...just guess who happened to be visiting from Norway.
Current Mood: amused

29th August 2007

3:41pm: urban
Something is wrong. Everything is irritating. The noises from the city are consuming me and irritate me.

I need to escape, to a land where I can express being introvert.

and breathe. because I feel like im suffocating.

and no one understands what im saying, or what Im thinking, or the level on which things affect me. ever. why is that?

no matter how many different ways I explain it.

it makes me feel insane.

maybe just no one cares what I have to say.
Current Mood: exhausted

13th July 2007

11:03am: hearts
Tim - you're a heartbreaker...

me - no im not.

Tim - ...yes you are.

I dont think that it's my fault, I blame someone else.
Current Mood: annoyed

9th July 2007

6:56pm: ...
all i could think was..."ugh, haven't you died yet?"
Current Mood: irritated

8th July 2007

10:25am: cheese and then the sea
Yesterday night was a lot of fun. I haven't had a dinner party in a long time. I made ponzu baked Salmon with israeli couscous with spinach and butternut squash, roasted tomatoes with goat cheese, hummus and peach salsa. For dessert I had planned a nice blue cheese with honey. It wasn't too bad. Not my favourite attempt at salmon but not bad. Hamish arrived with a bottle of unexpected wine and he, Michelle and I all went to go hunt for switches (as we were planning to roast smores because Hamish has never had one before) We found some. I diddled around in the kitchen until Alicia arrived with pie and two bottles of wine. We quickly sat down to dinner. My musical playlist was spilling out from my bedroom which created quite the nice milieu. After a few bottles of wine we headed to the beach and found a large alien podlike structure that a group had just left as we arrived. With the coals burning a soft amber we threw our wood on the fire. We made smores, Hamish thought there was more to it, Alicia became a shaman wrapped in several blankets and scarves and I ran to the edge of the sea and enjoyed how eerie it was. Lots of great conversation and I was just myself. I like nights like those.

I need to take more pictures.
Current Mood: happy

7th July 2007

10:04am: don't panic
I hate how I can't control time.
it's a big world, someone must be able to somewhere.

14th June 2007

11:53pm: The Sims meet Cocoon
under an alias, comes simulated cocoonery...yet again.

Current Mood: tired

13th June 2007

4:54am: ...
blurred memories revisited me today.

I forgot what this feels like.

I remember what he said,
she reminded me of how true it is

is it true Trevor?
Current Mood: calm

9th June 2007

11:25pm: *heart*
I love Canadians.
Current Mood: flirty

7th June 2007

9:57am: I need a hug today.

3rd June 2007

11:28pm: patch

I'm a lonely little petunia
in an onion patch
an onion patch
an onion patch

I'm a lonely little petunia
in an onion patch
and all i do is cry all day
Current Mood: bored

29th May 2007

1:57pm: Sim Characters from my novel
Living Still Life

So...I decided to make a replica of my first apartment building and my first apartment, and then create a Sim for every character (almost) in my book. Can you figure out who is who (for those of you who have read it)
Current Mood: amused

27th May 2007

10:35pm: ...
No one ever asks me the right questions


15th May 2007

2:08am: ...
fuck you both.

I got me some better things to do.
Current Mood: tired

12th May 2007

11:18pm: Bjork Concert #2
So many songs recomposed and rearranged!

The experience was beyond fantastic! Better than the first time I saw her in London 4 years ago (wow, it's been that long)

There was a lot of Vespertine.

Hyperballad, which isnt really a huge favourite of mine, was amazing though!

And who doesn't love Pluto and Declare Independence?
Current Mood: ecstatic
3:19am: Chicago
I had
a great night.

I was also able to share it with a really good friend
who wasn't supposed to be in Chicago.

Excellent to see her
Great to meet him (thanks for the gifts, and everything else Greg)

Not what I expected when I arrived in Chicago this morning with several horrible things on my mind.

Current Mood: jubilant

5th May 2007

8:08pm: London Calling
I got a response to my CV submission from a spa in London.

Current Mood: curious
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