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I crack myself up sometimes. So the drum n bass night was wicked fun. When Im drunk, everything is suddenly MINE. I had my drink, I finished it, I drank Alicia's, then I walked up to the man she was talking to, took his drink from his hand, looked straight into his face and drank it. I then borrowed a drink from the woman dancing next to me. Alicia began speaking Arabic to some strange man and when he asked, "how do you know arabic?" I butted in and said "because she's a WHORE" and then went off to dance. I found an unwrapped candybar from some other country on the bar, I took it, and ate it. Then, for some reason, the man speaking to Alicia in the green costume bought me a drink. And I heard a track from my old Jungle tape and I just about lost it. Then some chick did loose it and fell at the bar. The ambulance men came to take her away and the man in the green costume said "she ruined the party" and I said "tell me about it." we bought pizza, no, I acquired pizza. We went to another party, in an apartment I was in 2 years ago for a Halloween party. It was terribly weird. Different Occupants though. I met a bisexual Italian guy who said my "seducing was working" because I was an incubus. When we finally got home, I got out of the car, fell, and rolled down the hill on the pavement. No bruises tho.
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