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Poetry Hour

Thank you to all of you who turned in for our Poetry Hour! It's 10am and you're getting an update from KURR, the internet's written radio station. We have a very special poem that I will read to you...it is by special request. It is entitled, CUNT.

With a long beaky nose
the woman stalked her exboyfriend
all that day
and all that night
until he forced her out of his life
now she sleeps all day
in a pit of despair
with the blinds drawn
to create an artificial night
only to ironically leave the lights on at night
when demons, monsters, vampires and psycho killers come out to play in her apartment

The woman
with stringy hair and sparkly teenage makeup
begins her journey
with the highest highs and shrills of joy
that dissolve instantly with an outburst of disgust and illogical annoyance

She searches
day after day
for a mini ketchup bottle
1 inch high
imported from Tanzania
costing $35.00
and instead
settles on 52 diamond rings, a ruby laden crown, hand pressed makeup from Singapore, a unicorn skin rug and a mini bag of fairy dust
all because they were cute
and small
small like her easter egg breasts
and common sense

the woman whittles away at her life
trying to decide
should she buy something or go crazy
when in reality
there is no choice
there is only both

Thank you...this concludes poetry hour. Up next...we have an open discussion on "how to obtain $5000 in 14 days"
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