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The Board

I had a board meeting last night. Which is something kind of like a tarot deck...but on a board, and much more clear and less cryptic. I was totally amazed at the information coming out of it, information that was totally relevant and information that Shelly couldn't have known.

It went from "You" to "create" to "V" ...where it stopped. It stayed there until I said what V stood for...or what I thought it could stand for. Then it moved. It moved to "go" It then traveled repeatedly to "You" "V" "Go" over and over. Then when I finally said okay, as in Igot the message. It changed. "You" "Other" "Go" when asked who or what is other it clarified "you" "other" complete" "celluar" "create" go"......"you" "V"..."go"

I couldn't believe it.
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